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Squirrel on a fence

Squirrel problems? Speak to our team

Reddi Pest Ltd aims to become your first choice for squirrel removal services in the Redditch area. For professional assistance with squirrel control for your home or business, contact our team.

Effective solutions for your grey squirrel problems

Most squirrels in the UK are the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). They can cause tremendous amounts of damage should they enter your home; they can easily tear up insulation, timber, pipes and possessions, and can even lead to electrical or fire hazards if they get into your wiring.

They are also garden pests and will regularly pillage nests, bird feeders and plants.

Reddi Pest is fully equipped to control and eliminate squirrel problems, leaving your loft spaces and other secluded spaces protected from future squirrel break-ins. We provide a tailored service for homeowners and landlords, and can also help local Redditch businesses. 

Squirrel on the fence in cold weather

We have a variety of methods suitable for squirrels

Cage traps. These traps are the most animal-friendly option. They allow us to release the animals back into the wild, a safe distance from your property
Spring traps. These traps will kill the squirrel outright, and are fast-acting.


Post-removal guidance

After we have removed your squirrel problem, it’s important to protect your home from future incursions. Ensure all holes that squirrels can fit into are plugged, and aim to keep shrubs and trees trimmed back and away from your home. You can also buy squirrel repellents, which can help prevent squirrels from choosing your home to nest in.

Squirrel on a fence post
Squirrel in the woods

Guaranteed squirrel removal from your loft space

By choosing Reddi Pest, you can rest easy knowing that your squirrel problem won’t come back any time soon. We guarantee to remove all squirrels found in loft spaces. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee outside treatments, so we strongly recommend following our aftercare guidance to minimise the risk of squirrels returning. 

Wasp nest entrance

To discuss our squirrel removal services in greater detail, call us on 01527 584213

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