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Rats in a pipe

Experts in rat control

Don’t let a rat problem ruin your day. Speak to the team at Reddi Pest Ltd for professional and prompt services throughout the Redditch area.

Why the right rat controls matter

Wild rats are well-known to be disease carriers, and can cause significant health issues if left to their own devices. They can spread Weil's disease (leptospirosis) and can carry Salmonellosis bacteria, which can easily get into food supplies.

They are also highly destructive, kill other wildlife and breed rapidly, meaning a couple of rats can soon escalate into a bigger problem. Before that happens, get on the phone to Reddi Pest today.

We have decades of experience in dealing with rat infestations and can be counted on to provide an effective and affordable solution. Our team is fully qualified, housing association approved, and are members of the National Pest Technicians Association. Trust us to deal with a whole host of rodents, including mice.


Effective rat removal services

Our main method for dealing with rats is with poisoned bait. The rats will eat the bait, which can take a few days to take effect (this ensures they don’t immediately associate the bait with illness). Once it starts working, your rat infestation should stop within 7-14 days. All poison bait and pesticide usage follow The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.

Helpful aftercare advice

Our work doesn’t stop once the rat problem has been resolved. We give clients all the information they need to prevent further infestations and useful advice to keep rats away from their property. 

Rat on a bird feeder
Rats in a basement or outbuilding

Tailored business support

In addition to our work in homes, we can also support Redditch’s many businesses. Whether you run a café, a warehouse or some other type of business, trust us to provide effective and discreet commercial rat removal services.

Wasp nest entrance

For professional help with rat control in Redditch, get in touch with Reddi Pest on 01527 584213

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