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Effective mole catchers in Redditch

At Reddi Pest Ltd, we have a team of professional pest control experts to help you control moles. Speak to a member of our team today to discuss your problem pests.

Understanding moles and the problems then can cause

Moles are small insectivore mammals which spend most of their lives underground. They are exceptionally good diggers, meaning they can very easily cause havoc in gardens and green spaces. A mole infestation can quick turn your once beautiful garden into a hole-scarred landscape. 

Wherever you are, if moles are posing a problem, you can rely on Reddi Pest to lend you a helping hand. We are here to help domestic, agricultural and equine clients. People across Redditch have heard about the work we do and the efficiency with which we carry out our services.

We have decades of mole removal experience and can be counted on to provide a quick and effective service. We can also handle a range of other pests, such as rodents. 

Mole caught in a trap

What to look out for

  • The most obvious signs of a mole infestation will be ‘mole hills’: mounds of soil and raised areas of lawn

  • You may also notice that plants (flowers, vegetables, very small saplings) may be disturbed

  • You are unlikely to see moles during the day as they try to avoid humans, other animals and noise in general. You may occasionally see them in the early hours or late evening.

Humane solutions

By choosing Reddi Pest you can rest easy knowing that we specialise in humane mole control methods. Our mole catchers utilise a range of methods to ensure moles do not suffer.

mole coming out of hole
A pile of dead moles

We also provide commercial services

In addition to our home visits, we can also help local businesses with any mole or pest-related issues. If you run a pub with a beer garden, a garden centre or any other commercial premises with a mole problem, count on Reddi Pest to help. 

Wasp nest entrance

To book our services, give our Redditch-based team a call on 01527 584213

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