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Swarm of bees in a house

Professional bee removal services in Redditch

Count on the experts at Reddi Pest Ltd to effectively and safely remove nests and roaming bee swarms from your premises. Speak to our team today to arrange a home visit.

Worried about an errant bee swarm?

Bees are essential to maintaining plant life and creating a healthy planet. While bees are important pollinators in our eco-system, a feral swarm in a residential or commercial area can be frightening and potentially dangerous. Reddi Pest are here to help, by providing bee control and nest/swarm removal around the Redditch area.

We have been operating in the area since 2002 and have built up a reputation for providing a prompt, professional service that effectively resolves the pest issue. Simply get in touch with our team, tell us your pest problems, and we’ll be at your property at a time that suits you to quickly and effectively remedy the issue.

Our team can resolve a range of insect problems, including wasp removal.

Bee swarm in a house

What are the signs to look out for?

  • An excessive number of bees around your property

  • Dark stains on walls (caused by honey production)

  • Bees hanging around roof tiles and fascia boards

Bee-friendly removal services

Bees are our friends, are generally not aggressive, and play an important role in keeping our planet healthy. Where possible Reddi Pest will ensure the bees are carefully moved to a safer location where the colony can thrive, well-away from your property and others. Pesticides will be used only if we determine they are the best course of action. All pesticide use is in line with The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.

Bees gathering on a wall
Small swarm of tree bees

Preventing future infestations

Once your bee problem has been resolved, our team can provide tailored advice to ensure the issue doesn’t come back any time soon. This may include the use of bee-safe repellents, changes to how your store food sources, and repairs to your property to close up any potential colony locations. 

Wasp nest entrance

Worried about bees in your home or workplace? Speak to Reddi Pest today on 01527 584213 to arrange a bee removal assessment

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