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Wasp nest close up

Safe and effective wasp nest removal

Don’t let a wasp nest put you and your family at risk: speak to the team at Reddi Pest Ltd, Redditch for effective wasp removal services in the area. 

The problem with wasps

It's no secret that many people have a dislike for wasps. More aggressive than bees, discovering a wasp nest in your property can be worrying. Rest easy knowing that the team at Reddi Pest is here to help. 

Established in 2002, we are one of Redditch’s leading specialists in wasp nest removal. We take the time to carefully assess your property to ensure that the nest is quickly located and neutralised with minimal fuss and disruption to your day. 

Our services are ideal for homeowners, landlords and tenants, as well as local Redditch businesses.

Large wasp nest

What to look out for

  • Small to medium nests are usually ball-shaped, and most are brown with a wavy, paper-like texture

  • Watch out for scratching noises

  • They will often find a home in roof cavities, fascias, bird boxes, sheds and garages

Our methods

Nests are treated using an insecticide called FICAM. Nests, in most cases, can be treated and removed on the same day.

Wasps or hornets close up
In porch wasps nest

What not to do

We would advise all customers not to attempt to block an entrance to a nest. Wasps can get very aggressive when trapped, and this won’t kill the nest; the wasps will simply find another way in.

Wasp nest entrance

For fast and effective wasp nest removal, call 01527 584213

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